Size: 12"w x 10"h


Finishes:  Hammered Black; Torch; Metalcast Green & Yellow; Green, Yellow & Black

Torch finish may vary.


This metal artwork piece is designed to replicate the John Deere twin cylinder tractors. Available in a variety of finishes sure to please any John Deere Fan.


Hammered Black powder coat makes for a very long lasting extremely durable finish priced at $35.


The torched finish with clear powder coat is a very attractive finish bringing out natural metal colors is priced at only $45.


The green and yellow Metalcast colors with black accents on the tires, steering wheel, and muffler, then clear powder coated is just $55 and will please those who like a high gloss finish.


Then for those who are diehards for the true John Deere Green and Yellow we have them painted in John Deere paints with a clear lacquer over the top to help protect the paint and priced at $60.

John Deere Twin Cylinder Styled