Custom Work

This is a collection of all the custom signs and pieces that we have completed over the years. All business signs are under copyright and trademark laws.


Picture Frame 8x10
D's Sewing & Upholstery
This comprises of 3 layers.
The Dowers
The Spritka Camp
20 Award Ribbon Holder
9 Award Ribbon Holder
Wittenberg Monogram
Wrestling Medal Holder
Horse plate
Personalized Tree of Life
This is an insert that goes on the back of a bench.
Leap of Faith
Cut into a stone saw blade.
Troops Flag
"If you don't stand behind our troops...please stand in front of them". Comprises of 2 layers.
Railing panels
Hoof Health
This comprises of 3 layers.
Riley Monogram
Exhaust Pros
This comprises of 3 layers
Almond Rod & Gun Club
This contains 2 layers
Custom Moose
Grave Marker
Riverview estates
This contains 6 layers.
Farm Sign
Adam Yates
This contains 2 layers
St Paul Saints
This contains 2 layers
Coach Hinker
These contain 2 layers
Coach Lamb
This contains 2 layers
Spritka sign
Custom Pig
ATV License Plate
This contains 2 layers
Proudly Supported by Dairy Farmers
Randy & Patti
This contains 3 layers
Sankey Saw
Holy Shit
This contains 2 layers
Union Telephone Company
This contains 2 layers
Personalized Labrador
The Markowskis
The Study
Case IH sign
This contains 2 layers
Olson Family Farm
Personalized Musky
Says 53.5 10.8.14 on plate
Custom Soccer
The Graumanns
Custom Baseball
Custom Hockey
Badger Honor Flight
This contains 3 layers
Kontos Sheriff Badge
This contains 2 layers
Happy Glampers
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