The Company

Bancroft Plasma & Metal is a family owned and operated company from Bancroft, Wisconsin that has been in business since the fall of 2018. Here at BPM we create works of art out of American made steel using a CNC Plasma Table. Every design starts with our artist drawing a special work of art.  Once the drawing is completed the piece is cut and checked carefully to make sure is cut properly with no missing elements. Each piece is then hand ground to remove all mill scale and dross, this process gives the metal a clean, smooth look and feel. All of our work is then painted, blued with a hand torch or left clean and powder coated for a long lasting finish that is rust and scratch resistant to be displayed both inside and outside.

The People

John Cordrey

John Cordrey has spent many years working with metals in various forms.  His day to day responsibilities include the finish work on all of metal art and maintaining our Facebook page.

Tammy Cordrey

Tammy Cordrey takes care of our showroom as well as schedules shows and events.  She is the voice you will most likely hear when calling BPM.

Chris Cordrey

Chris Cordrey is BPM's CNC plasma table engineer.  He is responsible for making sure that all of our metal art is cut cleanly and precisely.  

Liz Cordrey

Liz Cordrey is our graphic designer.  She will work with you to design beautiful custom metal artwork.  Liz designs many wonderful stock items that are available in our show room in Bancroft, at craft sales, and also online.