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The Semicolon I Got Your Six brings means so much to our military active duty, veterans, and their families.


When purchasing this piece it may take 10-14 days before it ships.


The IGY6 tattoo or ;IGY6 tattoo was born out of Project Semicolon. We know the semicolon is used to continue a sentence when things could have potentially stopped. The semi colon creates a pause. This pause represents a reconsideration of the plan to harm yourself. From this, we get the IGY6 tattoo which stands for “I Got Your Six”.

       The six stands for your six o’clock which is behind you. It’s a term used in the military and means behind you. To put it more clearly, it means, “I Got Your Back”. The people with this tattoo are letting everyone know that they are in full support of the project and are there to help the people suffering from these problems that lead to suicide.


The colors of the IGY6 tattoo have relevance too. You usually start with a teal semicolon and teal is the color of awareness for PTSD. The black color of the “IGY” represents the heavy hearts that we all have for those that are suffering from PTSD or have lost a loved on from suicide. The “6” is usually colored red which symbolizes the blood that has been shed over the years of losing people to suicide.


This piece is made of two layers of 16ga American made steel. It is painted and powder coated clear. It has two saw tooth hangers welded to the back for display purposes.


It is 12” wide and 5” tall. No


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